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The Problem

  • Do you get the feeling that politicians and Parliament seem to be doing whatever they want, regardless of what they said before the election?
  • Isn't it odd that they talk about having transparency in government, yet the only way you can get a straight answer is to file an Official Information Act (OIA) request [and then get turned down for the most ridiculous reasons]?
  • Every year we see hundreds of millions of dollars get wasted on failed projects –– and there isn't any accountability from the departments or contractors and there are no policy adjustments to keep it from happening again.
      • The $30 Million budget blow-out of the Joint Border Management System (JBMS) — a plagued $104 Million IT project that was started in 2011 supposed to have finished in 2012 but may have been completed in 2019. source
      • The train-wreck of Novopay, the web-based payroll system for state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand, which by the start of 2015, the cost of repairing issues had risen to $45 Million on top of the original $30 Million costs to develop it. On top of that, the Oracle platform on which it was developed will no longer be supported after 2019 -- which means an entirely new system needs to be written...and paid for againsource
      • The Kāpiti expressway north of Wellington needing a further $25 Million worth of resurfacing, just two years after opening. "Potholes and discoloured patches began appearing on the $623m road within months of it opening in February 2017." source
      • More than $60 Million+ for the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App [or was that for COVID SmartCards that were never produced?]. source
  • Every year we also see hundreds of millions of dollars go to projects that WE DID NOT VOTE FOR and did not have any say in, such as:
      • $546 million spent by 29 Government Departments on external contractors and consultants (2016-2017 financial year) [John Key] source
      • $13.7 Million Payment to the Clinton Foundation ($13.7M committed, $7.7M was paid), 2015 [John Key] source
      • $50 Million Cost of putting up homeless people and families at hotels [John Key] source
      • $5.5 Million Payment to the Clinton Foundation, 2018 [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $300 Million Cost homelessness action plan [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $100 Million Cost of putting up homeless people at hotels [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $2.5 Billion on "fees-free tertiary education package" 2018–2023. [Jacinda Ardern]
        This initiative ran out of money in its first year. source
      • $8 Million Paid by New Zealand Government Departments to Social Media influencers since 2012. source
      • $249 Million Gun Buyback Scheme. [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $2.2 Billion for United Nations (UN) Programs and Foreign Aide (2018-2021). [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $3 Million Budget for Gender Reassignment Surgery. [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $12.1 Billion COVID-19 Wages Relief Package, but no mortgage, rent, small business, or farm relief provided, even though valid options were presented to Parliament. This money was supplied by the Reserve Bank. [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $600 Million aviation sector COVID-19 relief package to provide financial support for Airways who have lost significant revenue due to Covid-19, with the exception of Sounds Air, who were refused any support. [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $50 Billion Extended COVID-19 financial package borrowed from overseas banks and investors at full interest. [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $60 Million+ COVID Contact Tracing App/SmartCards  [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $50 Million Bribe Bailout of New Zealand Media  [Jacinda Ardern] source
      • $572,000 Playground Slide in front of Parliament  [Jacinda Ardern/Trevor Mallard] source
      • $20 Billion for Weapons of War for NZDF // WTF?  [Jacinda Ardern] source
  • Prime Ministers and Parliament are continuing to bind New Zealand into contracts and agreements that WE DID NOT VOTE FOR, are 'secret' in nature and non-transparent, and are very difficult to get out of such as the:
      • $200 Billion Government Debt [John Key]
      • TPPA [Jacinda Ardern]
      • China's Belt and Road Initiative [Jacinda Ardern]
      • UN Migrant Pact [Jacinda Ardern]
      • UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 21 [Jim Bolger (agreement) / Jacinda Ardern (execution)]
      • UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 [John Key (agreement)Jacinda Ardern (execution)]
      • 2050 Carbon Zero Act [Jacinda Ardern]
  • Businesses don't have to follow any government provisos. Corporations can charge any fees or interest that they want. There isn't any set standard. Company 'corporate policies' can and do override government regulations, but nobody challenges them and there is no way to dispute their decisions except by an expensive lawsuit. 
  • In New Zealand, there are no usury laws. Creditors can charge up to 500% interest per year and do.
  • Resource Management Act (RMA) – this behemoth is not serving the country to achieve growth. There have been many promises to overhaul RMA, but nothing ever comes of these attempts as RMA is essentially a revenue-generating paper shuffle for the Councils and Government. [Laws are not supposed to become income-streams.]
  • Do you find it simply ludicrous that only 36% of the people (who actually voted) voted for Labour, yet they are the ones in power? [This means that less than 20% of the population determined the course of the entire nation because of MMP. This is the tail wagging the dog and is NOT part of any type of Democracy -- it is a Communist methodology and has always been. How did this possibly make it into New Zealand?]

    Does MMP now look like it was just a bill of goods sold to the nation?
  • Because of the Media, has New Zealand politics simply become a personality cult –– where the candidate with the cutest photo and the more Likes on Facebook wins?
  • Do you see your RIGHTS getting taken away more and more each year?
    [When Parliament returned at the Level 3 lockdown on 28 May, instead of HELPING the people and businesses AND COUNTRY recover from the COVID-19 lockdown, they worked on even more tyrannous gun control and hate speech laws.]
  • Isn't it peculiar, that all of these things happen no matter WHICH party is in power?

There is a REASON Why This is Happening
This "Elephant in the Room" is also the Source of All of the Politically-generated Strife in New Zealand...

Constitution Reset New Zealand PartyThe Government Control Loophole:

New Zealand does not have a single codified Constitution. It is an amalgam of several documents as well as unwritten sources. There is no real 'statement of being' for this country.

Likewise, New Zealand's Bill of Rights Act (1990) reads more like a crowd-control edict which was written in order to enforce laws and statutes rather than outline and document the actual rights themselves. The main reason for this is that New Zealand never had a Bill of Rights up until that point. Much of the Bill of Rights Act (1990) was taken from the Canadian Bill of Rights.

The 1990 document itself was pushed through as a consequence of New Zealand signing the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) treaty, and the hand of the UN can be seen clearly in its definition.

The New Zealand 'Constitution' and 'Bill of Rights' are separate documents from the governmental structure and laws, INSTEAD OF BEING THE FOUNDATION FOR THEM.

By their creation, both the Constitution Act (1986) and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (1990) are only statutes that were written well after the foundation of the governmental laws and structure, and they are subservient to them.

In fact, Section 4 of the Bill of Rights specifically denies the Act any supremacy over other legislation.

These few lines invalidate the entire reason for having a Bill of Rights in the first place:

4.      Other enactments not affected

No court shall, in relation to any enactment (whether passed or made before or after the commencement of this Bill of Rights),—
(a) hold any provision of the enactment to be impliedly repealed or revoked, or to be in any way invalid or ineffective;
(b) decline to apply any provision of the enactment— by reason only that the provision is inconsistent with any provision of this Bill of Rights.

Parliamentary laws can, therefore, by definition, change the meaning of or alter the solidity of core Rights and Constitutional principals – an occurrence which should never be allowed to happen this easily.

As such, there is no Constitutional Law. Legislation written does not refer back to the Constitution or Bill of Rights [nor is it required to], which creates further problems once enacted.

[In plain English, these few lines are the government's "dirty little secret" and is why New Zealander's rights can so quickly be diminished:

– instant gun control laws after the ChCh attack without any due process or credible historical data.

– unfounded lengthy country-wide lockdown (including arrests for breaking the lockdown rules) for COVID-19 which resulted in the near-total collapse of the economy. 

– NZ Government voting themselves EXTREME POLICE POWERS: The COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill includes warrantless entry by Police, forced medical procedures for classes of people, mandatory ID checks, and more... 

the erosion of Property Rights without any vote, referendum, or legal recourse. This is a UN 2030 goal and is in operation right now in NZ under the 'guise' of protecting the wildlife. SNA (Significant Nature Areas) are being used to TAKE the property of farmers and country landowners -- without reasonable recompense and no way to fight it or stop it. The owning of all farmland by the State is also a UN 2030 mandate (which you did not vote for).

– the outright attack on religious rights (all religions) by the COVID-19 Public Health (Alert Level 2) Order 2020 which limited the number of those gathering at a church to the same limit as you would find at a small cafe´ or restaurant, 10 people, regardless of the size of the venue or building. [The New Zealand Police blatantly disregarded this order and issued their own supplement that was based on the size of the building.]

– The 'Right to Life' of babies taken away by the Abortion Legislation Bill, which was passed into law during the Level 4 lockdown, with no public consultation or referendum.  source

Basically any new legislation enacted by Parliament (or old legislation that already exists) can be used to greatly restrict or nullify ANY of your Rights...with the stroke of a pen...and without your authorisation.

Given the above information, the upcoming 'Hate Speech' legislation could be a seriously easy step towards a complete totalitarian rule...[for your safety, of course, comrade.]

"The UN Human Rights Committee criticised New Zealand for the lack of court power to strike down legislation inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act 1990. They equated this lack of power with a lack of human rights protection." 
– United Nations, 28 April 2016 source

not required to set yourself on fire to keeo other people warmPerfect examples of this are John Key bringing in 30,000 Muslim refugees (including a fair few Wahhabi fundamentalists) on top of normal immigration, and Jacinda Ardern signing New Zealand up for the UN Migrant Pact. The nation was guilted by the ploy, "We are only doing our part", yet both decisions were made with no regard to the level of unemployment, and human strife that we already have and the lack of infrastructure and housing that population centres already experience. The decisions, made entirely without the input or approval of the people of New Zealand, were also realised without consideration of the conflicting ideologies (including basic human rights) held by those refugees to Western and New Zealand ideals, mores, and principals of living...and no 'integration' clause was offered nor given.

      • Isn't it also interesting that SOUTH AFRICA, who is experiencing the highest levels of tyranny and violence against farmers and educated people (mainly white), has been completely DROPPED from the NZ Immigration quota? [Did you vote for that? Were you involved in any discussion about this? Is this good for the country or fair to South Africans? Especially when it is well-known that South Africans tend to integrate very well into New Zealand society and have been a great asset.]
      • Christian refugees from Third world countries on the UN Migrant Pact list are not on any New Zealand quotas or are even considered for refugee status even though they are the single most persecuted religious group on the planet at this time. [This is a most disturbing departure from common sense, especially coming from a society that was founded on and identifies with being a Judeo-Christian country and prides itself in being nondiscriminatory.]

This is known as an 'imposed decision' – the result of which was FORCED ONTO society without their permission. Further FORCING the people's of New Zealand to accept behaviour that is fundamentally contrary to our accepted norms and understanding of human rights by simply waiving it away as 'cultural difference' is NOT OK on any level of being. But since New Zealand has no real Constitution or Bill of Rights, the government is free to impose anything it wants to, fully knowing that the people have no recourse whatsoever.

Checks and Balances

checks and balances Reset New ZealandNew Zealand governmental structure does NOT have any Checks and Balances built into it -- anywhere, at any level.

Checks and Balances are not the same as the 'separation of powers' of the three branches of Government. All that the 'separation of powers' has accomplished is to create three separate principalities of power with none of them daring to supervise the other two [...because that just isn't how 'we do things'].

Checks and Balances are policies and procedures written into the Constitution and governmental structure and are a part of every activity done by the branches of government and any department.

Any structure that does not and is not motivated to follow through on ethics housekeeping WON'T.

Looks like someone at Labour has been reading what we wrote right here. Labour have totally acknowledged a complete lack of Checks and Balances in the LawThey also admit that bills enacted sometimes conflict with the Bill of Rights!

"David Parker says: Parliament occasionally passes laws inconsistent with the Bill Of Rights Act. Currently there is no established route for Parliament to revisit the issue."

Their solution, however, is to allow the High Court to amend the Bill of Rights Act at a whim as needed instead of actually fixing the problem!

The following are examples of issues because of a lack of Checks and Balances in the structure.

  • Purchasing and acquisition are done unfettered. The government operates this way:

    1. Overspend on ridiculous items or poorly-thought-out projects.
    2. Apologise via the media.
    3. Repeat.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has been repeatedly criticised for overspending:

  • in June 2015: $70,000 for an outside sign; $140,000 for a multi-media screen; $74,833 on the reception desk $260,889.26 on an outdoor roof deck and meeting space; and $409.28 for a hair straightener. source
  • in August 2015: $560,000 + gst for its website. source
  • in November 2015: $20,000 blowout for a Christmas Party. source
  • in June 2018: spending $77 million on external contractors and telling MPs it only spent $39 million. source

And there is no change in its basis of operation or penalties for its administrators...while YOU pick up the tab.


  • There is no Rule of Law. The Police must follow whatever whim their bosses tell them. Any officer or investigator who goes contrary to commands given them can be subject to severe consequences. Since there really isn't any whistle-blower protections in the law, police have very few options in reporting misdeeds and corruption. [Police personnel are some of the most frustrated government employees we have met as they are not allowed to really do their jobs and are forced to do things that are ethically and morally very, very, grey.]

        • Former MP Hone Harawira's Northland Iwi COVID-19 checkpoint, the Taranaki Iwi beach checkpoint, and many other such checkpoints throughout the country were illegal vigilante activities, yet the Police ignored it and let them continue these actions for weeks. There were reports of harassment by these individuals towards people and cases of locals being let through but not others -- even at the lower Level 3 conditions. Some of the participants also wore gang colours and patches. The excuse that the Police were worried about reprisals and demonstrations by the Iwi is only further evidence of their previous failures based on the erosion of trust. source
        • "New Zealand Police’s decision to arrest Kiwis during alert level 4 despite being advised they had little legal basis to do so “undermines the rule of law” in New Zealand, the former Attorney-General believes." – Chris Finlayson, Newshub source
        • After the lockdown and arrests were tacitly agreed to be illegal, the PM and Parliament went ahead and wrote another law, granting the Government unbelievable police powers. They also drastically curtailed the ability of citizens to submit on the bill by limiting responses to those submitted in less than one day. source
  • The Ombudsman service, which is supposed to act as an intercessor between the public and government departments, banks, and insurance companies, really has no power over any of the entities it serves. The public can spend dozens of hours chasing down a resolution only to have it turned down without any legal explanation other than, "No". [We have input from cases where the companies were actually breaking the law, but the Ombudsman service was not willing or able to challenge the violations. Remember, most people who use the Ombudsman service are doing so because, for the most part, they cannot afford a lawyer nor a court case. There is no real justice going this route, just lip service.]
  • On the surface, the law seems to benefit those who break the law and punish those who petition for justice.

      • The Name Suppression laws are being misused and end up protecting only the wealthy and well-known.
      • Whistle-blowers get named and ostracised. Period. This is not OK.
  • There is clearly ONE LAW for the people, and a totally separate set of agreements for politicians, heads of large companies, the Banking industry, the Insurance industry, notable people, sports personalities, and UN Migration Pact participants.
  • Internal fraud has happened so frequently that it has become 'normal' when dealing with government departments and projects. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming, yet nobody is willing to challenge these things or report them for fear of being ostracised and blacklisted. Investigation and interviews with individuals, companies, and agencies have reported:

      • Published job notices are "only per policy" as a candidate has already been selected.
      • Government RFP (request for proposal) for contracts were already decided before the tender and the companies/individuals selected were known personally to the requestor.
  • Throughout New Zealand government straight through to Councils, the concept and principles of ACCOUNTABILITY do not exist. There simply are no consequences when politicians make grave mistakes or break rules or laws. Accountability is not built into the structure nor written into the laws.

      • It has been 10 years since the Christchurch earthquakes. The finger-pointing continues, houses still not properly fixed, lawsuits are mounting, yet the government has 'moved on' to other issues while continuing to ignore this one.
  • The governmental structure does not have any real policies and procedures of operation that include self-correction and follow-up when faults occur, and any that exist are simply not followed. The same mistakes get made over and over again. ["Everyone makes mistakes" is a phrase we hear way too often. An apology without change is manipulation.]
  • There is no real way to COMMUNICATE with our own government. The most powerful weapon in the hands of the politician is: IGNORE.
  • The government itself is constrained with regards to communication between departments. Privacy laws, political correctness, and departmental territorial issues have hobbled the ability to effectively handle issues that arise. Government departments are not allowed to exchange data with each other except by court order [This is from actual statements made by two government departments during a fraud investigation].
  • Governmental and Ministerial departments have become mini-fiefdoms, with the power to enact their own policies, justify their own budgets, and are beholden to nobody.

      • Immigration New Zealand had issued more than 20 Visas for 'child brides' since 2009 and 70 partnership Visas where the partner was under 18 years of age. Because New Zealand laws are so fragmented, powerless, and do not reference any Rights documents, it would take an ADDITIONAL new law to FORCE Immigration New Zealand to stop this practice or consult with other departments (like the courts) before issuing such documents. source source source

        [What is even more unbelievable is that the leadership of Immigration New Zealand did not see that this was a problem or could be exploited. It took the New Zealand government 10 years to recognise and finally address the culturally arranged marriage Visa issue – it is not fixed either, not by a long shot.]

New Zealand is only a Democracy for 12 hours once every 3 years -- and for the next three years, the people are ignored -- since the government, Parliament, and the politicians, have forgotten whom they work for. There is very little recourse to fixing the situation through normal voting processes.


Simply put: the STRUCTURE is BROKEN and is no longer working for the people and the country, regardless of which party is in power.

However, it is working just perfectly for the political parties and career politicians who strive to remain in power despite not attaining any real results.

Something CAN be Done About This:

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